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Conversation I Had With My Wife

By Therealbarman @TheRealBarman

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K:  What were you doing?

Me:  I just sunc my iPhone.

K:  You sunk it?  Like in water?

Me:  No sunc, as in I added new songs.

K:  That would be synched, honey. You mean you synched it.

Me:  I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure sinked is not a word.

K:  Ummm….yes it is.

Me:  You’re talking with an English major here.  Just sayin’, I would probably know.

K:  I know you’re an idiot. Look it up.

Me:  Like in a dictionary?  Those are heavy.

K:  Like on the Internet, genius.

Me:  Let’s just see how it sounds in a sentence first:  ”The boat sinked into the ocean.”

K:  You said you were synching your iPhone, not sinking a boat.

Me:  So?  It’s the same thing, at least grammatically. They’re both past-tense. Listen:  ”He sunk the boat,” and “I sunc my iPhone.”  Steve jobs wouldn’t be that big of an asshole and invent some fucked up word like that.

K:  Steve Jobs didn’t invent the word “Sync”.  It was already a word.

Me:  Really? Before there were Apple products I didn’t think anyone sunc anything.

K:  It’s because they didn’t.  They synched them.

Me:  That’s what I said.

K:  And I know you love Steve Jobs, but he isn’t the king of the universe, just so you know.

Me:  Yeah, but what if Steve Jobs and Jason Bourne had a kid.  HE would definitely be king of the universe. He would invent all sorts of kick ass apps and iOS updates that would bring down the government guys who were chasing him.

K:  I’m going to bed.  You can sleep on the couch.

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