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Controller by @JesseKellerman

By Pamelascott

What happens when temperatures flare between a mother and son? A few degrees make all the difference in this New York Times bestselling author's blazingly chilling story of psychological terror.

It's the hottest winter on record, but Raymond's demanding, bedridden mother doesn't mind. She likes it warm. Lately, however, control over the thermostat has become a nasty struggle. And each morning that she's still alive is a suffocating new challenge for Raymond. How high can the mercury climb before he boils over?

Jesse Kellerman's Controller is part of Warmer, a collection of seven visions of a conceivable tomorrow by today's most thought-provoking authors. Alarming, inventive, intimate, and frightening, each story can be read, or listened to, in a single breath-taking sitting.


[She'd done it again] ***

(Amazon Original Stories, 30 October 2018, ebook, 30 pages, Prime Reading)



This is my first time reading the author.

Controller is a good story even though it has nothing to do with climate change or a vision of a dark possible future. This is a story about a power play between a bed-ridden cantankerous old woman and her put-upon son. The fact the story takes place during an unseasonably hot winter is glossed over. I liked the intense, often disturbing relationship between mother and son. The tug-of-war between them over the air conditioner controller is intense and disturbing. Who will crack first? Controller is an enjoyable story if not what I was expecting.

Controller @JesseKellerman

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