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Contemplations of a Restless Mind

By Travellingartist @devtramp

Jessie T. Ponce Photography

Yes, this image has been published here last year in a post entitled, “Macros and Close-ups 2: Surf”.  What is new with it is the fact that I’m using it as a header photo for my new site, “Contemplations of a Restless Mind”.

I really love photography and most of my work so far have been published in this site.  But I also like to write about many things, especially about my adventures (and misadventures) and other life experiences.  Over the years, I have published a few of these works and written many drafts that never found their way to the public eye.  Contemplations of a Restless Mind is the  site where I’d like to share them with a hope that they will not remain confined to the viral labyrinths of my hard drive or worse, fade into the dark corners of my faltering mind.  In short, I want A Traveller’s Tale to remain the showcase site for my photography and shorter articles and  the Contemplations of a Restless Mind for my “more serious” writings and literary attempts.

I chose this image as the first header photo of the new site because, in a way, it represents my contemplations.   The thoughts, like the waves of the sea, can be going back and forth in an endless pattern, sometimes pounding the shores, sometimes hiding quietly in the distant horizon only to come rolling back once again; its tip can be crystal clear or scattered in a spray of white mists and its depths can be murky; it’s form always random, always  different at every moment it hits the sands and rocks on the banks of my mind….

My first post in Contemplations is about an experience that was very close and personal. I wrote it last year but got to finalize it only this time.  On the right is a permanent link to the site for those of you who want to check it out (no hard feelings for those who prefer to focus only on my photography

 ).   Thanks for your continued support and encouragement.

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