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Constructing a Green Grid in New Painting on Paper

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

I recently featured green in one of my experimental paintings on paper, and used green again to form a grid in this one. I began with a light permanent green, using a brush to create the grid.

I painted the inside rectangles of the grid in a titanium white, and used parchment for the rest.  After these colors dried, I painted over them in a thinned down bright yellow mixture.  The ones underpainted with white came out brighter, which is what I intended.

I finished painting the background in parchment, and then began adding more shades of green over it.  The paint dries very fast on this satin-finish hot-pressed Arches watercolor paper, so it was easy to overpaint quickly after the under-painting.

The final step was to draw outlines in a veridian green.  Now I'll let the whole thing dry thoroughly before continuing.

  Paper Painting #13, 24" x 18" acrylic on archival watercolor paper.

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