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Considering German as the New Lingua Franca

By Tlb
German Language in Europe. Learn German Language

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“Is learning German the key to success for European youth? The language of Goethe and Schiller arguably lacks the global reach of English, Spanish and French, but, these days, educated people are expected to speak English proficiently.”

Have you been wondering of this idea? English has been flanking the tongues of various ethnic groups around the world today and perhaps even tomorrow. The language has been continuously expanding its influence in various aspects, and it has been recognized by most—not all—people as the lingua franca we have today.

But, considering what Todd Buell posted about German and how it is going to be implemented by letting people learn German language, that idea is a thought to ponder.

Germany alone has been very powerful with employment opportunities. Some people, even in Asia, has been taking the greener pasture they could find in Germany, compelling them to learn not just the way of life among the people living in Germany, but even their language as well.

As for the students in the field of education, (particularly those students who are located in Europe), 94.6% of students roughly between 15 and 20 years old were studying English in 2009. With an average rate of 1.4 educational levels among foreign languages, most European students, whose native language is basically not English, has a 25.7%rate concerning those who are learning French. As for the German language, however, it is rated 26.5%, compared to Spanish which is 19.3%.

Both the employment and the educational aspect in Europe has been widely influenced by German, Don’t you think this is the beginning of a confirmation that German is indeed widening its territories as well?

Come to think of it, English has touched mostly the entertainment aspect: movies, books, music, etc. But German, in fair view has touched the basic aspect man needs: employment and educational aspect. Is this the best time to learn language of German? How do you find the statistics specified above? Does it justify the fact that German language could possibly be the next lingua franca?

We are hoping for your response towards this issue. Feel free to comment.

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