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Considerations When You Want to Learn Japanese in Tokyo

By Tlb

Are you taking the option to learn Japanese in Tokyo? You must have been looking forward to have a complete and formal Japanese learning in a foreign language school. Well, if that’s the case you have different things to consider and to prepare as well. Keep reading on this article and you will know what to consider in your journey of Japanese learning.

View of Shinjuku skyscrapers and Mount Fuji as...

View of Shinjuku skyscrapers and Mount Fuji (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tokyo itself

Some of you might not have been to Tokyo for real, and you must have been very excited about it. Remember that you will really be having few or even lots of adjustments to do especially when you are in a country supremely different from Tokyo’s culture. Japan is a unique Asian country, and it has a distinctive culture as well. You must prepare yourself for some culture shock experiences but above all, you must open minded as well. The city is filled with things worth for self-discovering. You will really be amazed when you get to be in Tokyo because the ambiance is going to be thrilling as it should be.

Japanese School

Every school has requirements you will complete once you choose to study there. This is no different even to a language school—a Japanese school for this matter. In particular, our school will not require a student to have a standard knowledge concerning the language. However, there will be an assessment and various evaluations as to how far have you known about the Japanese language. The school should start somewhere about you, you know. So when you finally identify what level you are regarding the language, that’s the time you can choose your language courses.

Japanese courses

We just mentioned that a while ago. Indeed, you have so many Japanese courses to choose from: general, intensive, or even tailored courses, depending on your choice. Of course, by all means, the courses will depend on various factors like your evaluation result, your time, finances, level of comprehension, etc. The school may guide you to choose the specific Japanese course appropriate for you, but it will always be your selection to make the final decision.

Of course, other minor things should also be taken into considerations like the accommodation, the activities you will be doing while inside school, and obviously, the tuition fees and other prices as well.

You will really be investing time, money, and effort when you choose to learn foreign languages. Nevertheless, the investment will be assured to be worth it.

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