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Considerable Features of a Reliable Coffee Maker

By Marialiberati

Considerable Features of a Reliable Coffee Maker

“Winter is coming” is a well-known phrase for every Game of throne lover and so the coffee lover. It is right because without coffee no enjoyable (or rather dry) winter season and for your weekends especially, when you have so much Netflix to do, just think how special a coffee maker can be for you. Many of us don’t know what they are taking as a coffee because they don’t even consider that with a little more amount of money, they can have a much better taste of a coffee. I mean with the right guidelines and the right knowledge, you can have a great taste of a coffee in your home. Let me help you here with some important features of a reliable home coffee maker.

Important Features to Follow

Some guys are the real meaning of connoisseur in the case of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you will meet some guys in your life who will have some great appliances for making a cup or 2 or even 14 cups of coffee. Some have commercial coffee makers in their homes so that they can fulfill their desire. Only a right guy with an experience and love of coffee can tell you what it takes to have a flexible and durable coffee maker for your busy or idle routine. I can only describe some features so that you can understand and try to buy a great and most demanded machine for you.


Brewing strength is actually a technical feature and it is not the feature in every machine in the market. This feature is actually for the reason that if you want to have a regular cup of coffee or a bold cup of coffee while keeping in mind the time of the day. Some powerful coffee makers focus on this feature and so you should do the same. For example, “Cuisinart extreme brewer” is one of the best machines with brewing strength.


Let me tell you something about the temperature that you should consider when making a coffee. When brewing coffee, your temperature should be between 195F to 205F and no more than 205F. It is because if you will go up to the boiling temperature, the coffee will be burned and the taste will be ruined. Similarly, if you want that the coffee extracts properly from the coffee beans, then you have to take the temperature up to the minimum of 195F. So you can select a coffee maker by the temperature setting for a regular, hot or extra hot coffee.

Digital Controls

Digital control section is different for different coffee makers, but some features that a digital control section should have are

  • LCD Display Screen
  • Timer and a Clock
  • Auto off feature (In case If you have forgotten to switch it off)
  • Lighted Buttons (That will work great in the dark)


Speed is, of course, one of the most important features for those who have a real tight schedule for the day and for the night. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should have a coffee maker that is fast enough that you will not get disturbed in the morning when you wake up and have a limited time to make a cup of coffee. Some coffee makers are programmed and can make a coffee cup within 3 minutes and some are 30% faster than the other coffee makers. So, it is a considerable feature for you if you are a busy person.


A cup of coffee contains more water than anything. So, a filter is necessary if you want to have a quality cup of coffee. So, there should be a good quality water filter so that the coffee flavor is with fewer impurities of water. Similarly, a quality coffee filter is necessary so that the grinded particles of coffee do not pass and destroy that cup of coffee. Also, the quality filter will allow the coffee beans oil to pass through and to enhance the flavor of coffee.

These are some Coffee makers features that are very helpful for everybody. With the knowledge of these (Almost all) features of a coffee maker, you now can have a great coffee maker of your own.

Before we End this Article

As a bonus, I thought you guys deserve something important about Coffee makers with grinders that I couldn’t tell you in the previous section of features. As the name induce, best grind and brew coffee makers are not just coffee making machines, but these machines also grind coffee beans. Different methods are used for the purpose to grind beans. Let me explain those a little too.

Various Methods for Grinding Coffee Beans

I am describing it in the list format so that you can understand it easily.

  • Extra coarse grind is used for methods of cold brewing.
  • For French press coffee, coarse grind is used.
  • Medium fine grind is used for vacuum Pots, pourover Cones.
  • Fine grinding is for espresso coffee.
  • Extra fine grinding is for Turkish coffee.

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