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Conservatives = Whiners Complaining They Are Victims When They Aren't, and Factually Wrong Assertions

Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Doggone
Fox news is not news, it is not fair and balanced, it is not accurate, it is pure hyped up propaganda and lies.
There is no 'anti-business' agenda, not in Hollywood, not in the entertainment media, not anywhere.
There IS legitimate use of an individual as a villain who is in the business sector, BECAUSE there are legitimate examples in the news, on a regular basis, of business executives who are crooked and criminals.  Hello?  Bernie Madoff sound familiar to anyone?  Or numerous others?
That is not anti-business, nor does it make the case that because of an individual being a villain, that everyone in the same sector of the economy is therefore a villain aka anti-business.
Conservatives ONLY in the U.S have become irrational, illogical, factually deficient and too-often fact-averse.  They have lost the capacity to be truthful or to use reason and logic.  Bunch of whiners! Boo hoo! We're all victims, waaaaaah! (NOT)
This is a good reason to be critical of Romney; he mistakenly, conservatively and very wrongly equates a fictional financial entity with human beings.  That is wrong, that is BAD.  That is immoral and unethical.
What I don't see coming out of Fox Nuisance is a fair and balanced look at who the villains are in Hollywood.  CLEARLY, Hollywood is not tarring business with an anti-business brush; CLEARLY the movies are anti-Anglo! (Just kidding)

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