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Connection To The Caul

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

Connection To The CaulMy Ancestors, Orishas, and Spirit guides are always there.

One doesn’t necessarily have to be born with a caul to have spiritual or supernatural occurrence yet as individuals with preternatural attributes we’re more susceptible to have these experiences as a normal way of life.

I don’t find paranormal encounters to be strange or as an inconvenience they are just usual and innate. There are circumstances and situations that can appear to be odd but not out of the ordinary for the extraordinary.

The connection to the other side is a strong one for me as I have on many occasions been caught, carried, and cradled by the powerful hands of the universe. There was an incident that took place years ago in the middle of the night when I was touched by a soft motion of a grasp that literally awaked me from my sleep and caused me to turn around to find my bed sheets on fire.

It all had happened so suddenly and just in time as I was able to quickly put the fire out without being seriously injured. There wasn’t even any damage done to anything just a few small minor burns to my leg after I had woke up to get the sheets off of me to pat out the flames. I don’t even have any noticable scars just a few spots that I hold as dear reminders. Oh, how lucky and blessed I was in that exact moment of chance.

As one born of the caul divinity has consistently played a vital role within the materialization of it’s energy around me surrounding my conditions. It all goes to show how we serve a great purpose and how important the purpose serves to us.

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