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Connecticut Abolishes the Death Penalty

Posted on the 26 April 2012 by Mikeb302000

Connecticut Abolishes the Death Penalty The Guardian reports

 Connecticut has abolished the death sentence for all future cases, becoming the fifth state in five years to repeal the ultimate punishment as the abolition movement gathers steam across America.
The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, described the death penalty as one of the "most compelling and vexing issues of our time", as he put his signature to SB280, rendering his state the 17th in America to make a break with judicial killings. The bill replaces the death sentence with life without parole for all new cases.

You know what's funny. Neanderthal gun-rights laws are coming faster than we can keep up with them, The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground, for example, while examples of enlightened legislation like the abolition of capital punishment are few and far between.

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