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Congressman Weiner’s Brief Affairs

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

It didn’t take too long for Congressman Weiner to fee up about his online antics. Talk about over -sharing. What is the expression about offering “too much information?” Mr. Weiner held a news conference today during which he DETAILED his inappropriate online interactions with young women- peppering his admissions with “I take full responsibility,” “I am sorry for the hurt I have caused my wife, family and supporters,” etc. However, underlying all his humiliating and emotionally charged admissions was a defiance- which sent a mixed message. He emphasized that he had not broken any laws and that he WILL NOT RESIGN.

In a nutshell, the “good” Congressman said all the right phrases for a newly busted political official. He made his apologies, kept his voice low and shaky, his head down and his eyes lowered, took “full responsibility (whatever that really means)- then stated that there would be no consequences to his career and that he has to get back to the people’s business. Hold up, cowboy- not so fast.

Most noticeable was the empty spot by his side where “the good wife” usually stands. According to Mr. Weiner, there will be no personal consequences either. He loves his wife and “she loves me.” Well, she loved the guy she thought she married 11 months ago- but this newly revealed guy- who really knows? Perhaps she is sorting that out herself and needs time to reflect and think about what she wants in a spouse, what she can’t tolerate- and which ones she got in this marriage.

If only the Congressman had owned up to being stupid and juvenile right from the start. Not doing so made him look like a press amateur- and really gave this story legs and teeth. Now everyone is looking into what he has done, with whom, for how long- and whether he used any workplace resources to pursue his (ummm) hobby…

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