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Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again Here

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Why Shareaholic Again Is On This Blog and Why YOU Should Consider It Too!

Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again HereYou may have noticed the new share buttons here on Inspire to Thrive. If you can remember back in March of 2014 - I did a post back then of why I would not use the plugin Shareaholic for my blog. The share buttons were very slow to load and people would leave without sharing the post. (I know I did many a time). The old Shareaholic never showed the name of the person's Twitter handle unless they knew how to install it. Many bloggers did not know how to. It drove me crazy! Apparently I wasn't the only one as 72 comments later and a year plus later Shareaholic has made some changes.

Shareaholic contacted me via Twitter and email about their new changes after listening to YOU - my readers here. Pretty cool, right?

The New & Improved Shareaholic

Shareaholic is now considered to be the all in one "Content Amplification Software". Not only is it a share button but it takes your content to the next level. It offers more than just the sharing of your posts.

What Can Shareaholic Again Do For You?

  • Expand Your Reach - This plug-in can reach more people to come to your website or blog. They power over 300,000 websites and reaches over 500 million people each month.
  • Offers Related Content - You can offer your readers related content and thus drawing more people back to your site. You can choose from 4 to 16 pieces of related content. You can choose to turn this off too if you find it's too distracting for your readers. (You can choose how many to use as you can see the example below offers quite a few).

I see you baby, promoting that content... - #sitetools #webmastertools

- Shareaholic (@Shareaholic) September 16, 2015

  • Simple Share Buttons - So readers will use them! No long load time as in the past with Shareaholic again. They are easy to install and put in your own Twitter handle.
  • Social Analytics - Learn what is working best for your blog or website with their analytics. I love this feature - I just looked at mine and not only does it show you their social share numbers but how many people are reaching you via search and direct traffic. A very nice feature indeed!
  • Add Shareable Images - Make your images more shareable with the icons on the images. This is why I loved ShareJuice - the Pinterest image was on the images to make it easier for folks to pin and share. Shareaholic does the same thing now too.
  • Affiliate Links - Shareaholic again now offers affiliate links with their plugin. An opportunity to make money too with this newer software. Just be sure to disclose to your readers if you are using affiliate links.
  • New Follow Buttons - They also now offer new follow buttons. As with the share buttons they are fully customizable.

If you like floating otters as much as we do, then Floated Share Buttons might be your thing. - Shareaholic (@Shareaholic) September 15, 2015

    Mobile Optimized - Of course, everything must be mobile friendly today! According to Smart Insights on mobile 80% of people today search using their mobile phones. You see it everyday where you go people are ON their mobile devices.

What Do Others Have To Stay About Using Shareaholic Again?

@InspireToThrive @BetterWealthAU @stagetecture I've been making an effort to create consistent style and brand and these buttons fit well. - The Social Media Hat (@SocialMediaHats) September 17, 2015

You can change the colors to your exact match of your theme. Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again Here - Ronique Gibson (@stagetecture) September 17, 2015

Loving the branding consistency. Hoping it'll also improve conversion. Too early to tell yet. Fingers crossed! - BetterWealth (@BetterWealthAU) September 17, 2015

Will you be trying out the new and improved Shareaholic plugin too?
I'd love to know why OR why not in the comments below.
Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again Here Confessions of Why You See Shareaholic Again Here

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