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Confessions of a Tired Mommy

By Summernicolerorobinson @CookingFauxReal
Okay, so for the first time in 749,783,283000000 years, I'm alone downstairs.  Both girls are asleep in their beds, and Matt's at school.  He's actually driving home from school right now, so my alone time is diminishing with every second that passes.  I'm cuddled up in my blanket on the couch, and I have the faux fire playing on my tv.  I'm gonna be real honest right now...I clicked the music option when the dvd asked me if I want to play the music along with the fire.  What you should be aware of is that the music is Christmas music.  Yes, I am ridiculous!  I know it's still like 3 months and 2 weeks away, but when the cold front moved in last week, so did the holidays.  They live in my heart all year round, and now my mind is whirling with images of glorious holiday feasts, pumpkins, hot cocoa, and kids bundled up in their winter coats, while their mothers wipe their snotty noses, lol!  Okay, not so much the last image, but you get what I'm saying.
This evening as I was finishing up our evening feast of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans; my husband walked through the door spilling all his news of the day.  Emma was sitting at the kitchen table playing with a mini sand castle kit that one of Matt's customers had given him.  With sand sprawled all over the kitchen table, flour and grease in the kitchen, a pile of dirty dishes to wash in the sink, and princess Abby playing joyfully on the floor, yet needing to eat...I became a bit overwhelmed.  Additionally, Matt was home to scarf down his dinner, spill about a million words out per minute about all the funny things that Chad (his friend and boss at work) had said today, and then head off to school.  Within a 15 minute time frame, I was left standing in the kitchen starring at a 4 year old girl that had rubbed mashed potatoes all the way up her arms, and all over her hair, an even BIGGER pile of dishes, and Abby still needed to eat.  I was so tired, that just walking the girls up the stairs to bed at 7pm felt like I was climbing Everest.  I persevered up that mountain and tucked the girls into their beds.  Of course, that wasn't the last time I was up there.  No, someone had a dirty diaper, needed to do a dirty deed on the potty, and I got scolded for forgetting to kiss their teddy bear goodnight.
Once I finally sat down, I contemplated falling asleep, but didn't want to waste my ounce of free time.  I knew that soon there would be someone needing me for something, and tomorrow would bring a whole new load of homework, pre-school homeschooling, and the messes.  Yes we have started homeschooling Emma and Abby.  Emma cried @ pre-school, so we brought that little lady home, and have been pre-schooling it up her @ the homestead ever since.  I decided that I would stay awake and enjoy this alone time on the couch with a little faux fireplace to set the mood.  There's nothing like a 55 inch fire in the corner of your living room to set the mood for relaxation, lol!  However, my alone time is now over.  Mr. Robinson just walked through the door, and began to serenade =/  "Silver bells, Summer smells"  I knew I would regret pressing "Play music" on the dvd option.  He gave me a hug, and said "Oh, you're warm", to which I replied, "It must be the fire I have burning."  =)  Since my free time is now gone with the wind, I will now conclude this tired mommy post by saying goodnight.  Hope all you mommies and daddies have a wonderfully rested night, for tomorrow will bring yet more shenanigans.  We desperately need our sleep to face the wee ones, dirty pile of dishes, sand castles, and the like.

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