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Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag

By Emmielois @emmielois
Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag
Well, how exciting! I have been tagged to do this post by the wonderful Witty Woman .
Be sure to check out her blog, she's a new girl like me so lets give her a helping hand! So without further ado, here is the Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag! 
1.Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
Yes. Yes I would. It's a gift and a curse really. I'm like a magpie, if I like something I will home in on it and obsess.
Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag

2.How would you classify your style?
Very chilled, casual, not too girly. I prefer trousers to skirts and shirts to blouses. I like giving things a little un-expected twist too.
3.What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?

 Any nick-nack shop that has lots of little bits and bobs and jewelry.

4.Where do you find the best deals?
I am actually quite bad a sniffing out a bargain. But I would probably have to say that for me, if I find something in a second hand shop, buy it, then customise it and wear it a lot, I feel like I have got a good deal.
5.Do you have a go to shopping outfit?
Not at all. If I'm out any were shopping, I tend to plan my outfit the night before so it is really whatever I feel like wearing. I try not to wear too much jewellery though because it's a right faff on taking them on and off it you are trying something on.  

6.What is your guilty pleasure (not including make up)?
Shirts. I have far too many. I need to ban myself from buying them now.

Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag

7.What is one staple clothing piece you can't live without?
My red silk patterned trousers from Zara. I've had them for about 2 years and I am still finding new ways to wear them. I love them to pieces.
This is the pattern of them!
Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag
8.What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
Probably the masculine-feminine style, I just think it's so cool. It can be super sexy as well if you pull it off right.

9.What trend did you love that passed away too quickly?
I am aware of trends, but I will wear something if it is 'out of style'. So I guess I don't really miss any, because I will still wear them!
BUT. I can tell you a trend that is repeatedly coming in. The ROCKER or PUNK trend. It's in again this A/W and I just feel like it has been around a lot already.
11.Who is your fashion icon?
Iris Apfel. She featured in my last post 'Goo Goo Iris' So be sure to have a look at that.  That was fun, see you in the next post!
Confessions of a Shopaholic Tag
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