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Confessions of a Blogger: Little Bits of Chic

Posted on the 06 June 2013 by Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

Today I had the opportunity to interview Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic. As her name suggests she is a chic and sophisticated fashion blogger from sunny San Diego. She has been featured in several magazines for her crisp fashion sense. Modern and classy, she is a muse for style and grace that’s fun, fresh and flirty.

Confessions of a Blogger: Little Bits of Chic

GRW: Why did you start Lil Bits of Chic?
I created my blog as a creative outlet to display my love for fashion and all things chic. My blog was essential to me at a time where the many years of working the 9 to 5 had me feeling stagnant and my creativity felt pent up. Now, my blog has become a passion of mine where I get to showcase my passion for fashion and my life in sunny San Diego!

GRW: How long have you been blogging? 
I have been blogging about 2 years.

GRW: What was your 1st ever blog post?
My first blog post was an introduction of what I hoped to accomplish with the blog, which at the time was photography, art, interior design and fashion (I know all over the place!). See for yourself here:

GRW: Road Trip or Caribbean Cruise?
Caribbean Cruise! I’m so overdue for a nice vacay by the beach! The thoughts of summer fashion, bikinis and vacation mode has been my number one motivator of working out.

GRW: Which beauty routine do you tread the most?
Washing my face, sometimes I’m so tired but I drag myself to wash it because I know that going to sleep with makeup is such a huge no-no and ages your skin faster!

GRW: What’s your favorite foundation (include shade)?
My favorite is MAC mineralize foundation in NC30 with moisture and SPF 15!

GRW: Who’s your beauty and/or fashion muse?
My fashion muse is currently Jenna Lyons from J.Crew, her style is a perfect balance of color and chicness with a touch of intelligence! 

GRW: In high school, you were most likely to _________?
Study! Lol.. I was a very ambitious girl always aiming to get my A’s and get into the college of my dreams.

GRW: Smokey Eye or Catliner?
Catliner! Although if you would have asked me a couple of years ago I would have said Smokey Eye, I had perfected it after a lot of practice when I was clubbing a lot.

GRW: Name a fashion or beauty trend you regret
Beauty trend I kind of regret, the high sock bun because it does not look good on me! Plus I’m already tall as it is so the high bun makes me MEGA tall.

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