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Confession (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy
Confession (2022) Movie Review

Director: David Beton

Writer: David Beton (Screenplay)

Starring: Colm Meaney, Stephen Moyer, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Kris Johnson, Sadie Jean Shirley

Plot: One church, one priest, a wounded man and his loaded gun. An intense thriller played out in real time during one night where a vengeful confession must take place.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Confession starts when an injured man Victor Strong (Moyer) arrives in a church to confess his sins to a Priest and Father Peter (Meaney). Getting the doors locked, the pair start the story, with the former partner Willow (Ashitey) lurking in the shadows.

As the three collide, the truth about each of them will be revealed, showing they all have something to hide and live with pain in their lives.

Thoughts on Confession

ThoughtsConfession is drama thriller that will see how three people will come together in a church to finally let the truth out, which will give us a story that is filled with twists and turns along the way. This is an interesting look at people wanting to give away their truths, while having a gritty cop like drama going on within it. It shows people may live with regrets, which they will always find themselves struggling to adapt too. The performances from the three leads are great, making themselves come off as an engaging style, while keeping everything within the walls of the church. This might not be everything you are expecting, as it is a film that is focused more on the discussions going on with everything.

Final Thoughts Confession is an interesting discussion-based film, around mistakes we can make.

Confession (2022) Movie Review

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