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Confess Your Love on Valentine’s with Affordable Gifts

By Anshulika

Confess Your Love on Valentine’s with Affordable GiftsThe 'love month' is very much in. With romance knocking your door swiftly, we know you are looking for some special gift to make the occasion all the more beautiful and romantic for your loved one. While, finding that perfect gift can be tough, the fact that holiday season has just ended and funds can be really tight makes the choice even tougher.

So if you are like me, watching your pennies and yet looking for ways to romance your sweetheart this Valentine's day, do not be disappointed. You need not have to break the bank by buying something that is completely out of the budget or totally impersonal just to impress your lover because it is the norm!

The best gifts are those that are bought with feeling and not those that cost the most! After all, it is not how much money you spend for your loved one that matters but the feeling you have for him/her that counts.

So forget about those 'diamond necklaces', 'engagement rings', 'fancy watches', 'budget-breaking gadgets', i-phones, etc. and begin to think out of the box for a budget friendly Valentine's day.

Still confused? Here are some low cost ways to express your love and show your care this Valentine's day:

Affordable Gift Ideas for Budget Friendly Valentine's Day

A trendy wrist-band or a bracelet is not just a cheap token of love but is a gift of loving affirmation like that morning cup of coffee, both warm and welcome.

Nothing says 'I love you' better than a piece of jewelry for a woman! Artificial jewelry makes one of the most affordable gift ideas for Valentine's-day.

So add a little sparkle to your Valentines-day with these gorgeous pair of ear-rings, studs, chains, and bangles from, all for just INR 99.

Confess Your Love on Valentine’s with Affordable Gifts
Heat up your relationship with the fire of an engrossing romantic novel. Here are some picks from Romance Editors, only for you, 'Let's Get Committed' by Utkarsh Roy and Smita Kaushik, 'First Love' by Sachin Garg, 'Oops! I Fell in Love' by Harsh Snehanshu, 'Please Kiss Me or Kill Me' by Mihir Raj.

Valentine's-day is not always about uber-romantic gifts. Sometimes all you need is a simple gift to express your love. And what better way to care for your man than by gifting him with a plain old black leather wallet.

Of course, you can add a romantic twist by slipping a naughty hand-written note inside one of the pockets!

Confess Your Love on Valentine’s with Affordable Gifts
The classic coffee mug gets an update with love notes like 'I Love You' or little colorful hearts imprinted all over the white mug. And if your loved one happens to be a tea/coffee junkie, you cracked the deal just right!

So all you need is not a big bank balance but just a little thought and care to come up with Valentine's-day gift ideas that are not only affordable but highly personal, special, and memorable!

After all being romantic isn't as expensive as we often think. Just dig in a little creativity with these above gift ideas and ensure yourself a warm, loving and yet budget friendly Valentine's-day.

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