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Concerning Hobbits: A Podcast

By Kristina Suko @eccentricowl

Concerning Hobbits

On New Years Eve, my husband and I started an endeavor that we really hope will flourish and grow: we started a podcast! Being the nerds that we are, and seeing as how Lord of the Rings basically brought us together* he thought we should do a chapter-by-chapter podcast discussing the trilogy. Eventually we’ll be bringing more things into the mix – recipes, theories, movie-related stuff, but for now we just ramble (a lot) about each chapter and what’s happened and what we think. And we basically act as if Lord of the Rings really happened. Shut up, Middle Earth is totally real.

So go listen! Revel in how awkward we can be! Tell all your friends!

We’re nerds, we know. 😉

Happy Thursday!

*Actual quote from my husband on our first date: “I told my brother I wouldn’t date a girl again unless she liked Lord of the Rings.” Fact: At that time I owned Arwen’s necklace and three different editions of LOTR.


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