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Concentration Camps Being Recycled as Refugee Housing

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
last week, with the flood of refugees and migrants into Europe, there was a news item that was interesting and strange.
Concentration Camps being recycled as refugee housing
Refugees are being housed, seemingly for lack of other options, in Buchenwald, Dachau, and maybe other locations that were once concentration camps.
source; Ynetnews, The Guardian, and many others
This honestly aroused in me conflicting thoughts and emotions, as well as some tasteless jokes.
1. how could they put these structures to use housing refugees and migrants? They are there to remind us of the atrocities and horrors of what happened during the Holocaust? now they are being used for this, what will they be used for next time - housing for Olympic athletes or maybe the Ice Capades?
2. at least something good is being done with it. Nothing can make up for the evil done there, but perhaps some good deed like housing refugees can be some worthwhile balance and effort.
3. I understand Germany is just waiting for the shipment of Zyklon B to arrive in the mail and they can get back to their work. Everything else is already in place. It's a tasteless joke, but Germany deserves it. They always will.
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