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Concealed Carry in California

Posted on the 21 February 2012 by Mikeb302000
Concealed Carry in California
The Los Angeles Times reportson the newest attempts on the part of gun fanatics to recover from their defeat over open carry. Of course some of the die-hards are now carrying unloaded long guns in some of the most beautiful beach communities of Southern California. A more ridiculous image is hard to picture.
They're trying to use the fact that they can no longer open carry a pistol as reason for loosening the restrictions on concealed carry.
There is also gross inconsistency among authorities in California's 58 counties on what constitutes good cause, which could lead to courts finding equal protection violations, said Stephen Halbrook, a Virginia attorney and frequent litigator for the National Rifle Assn. In remote Plumas County, one in 39 adults has a carry permit, according to state Department of Justice statistics for 2011. In Los Angeles County, one in 33,700 adults is licensed to carry, and in San Francisco the latest records show zero civilian holders among the county's 700,000 adults.
Statewide, the number of civilians with concealed weapons permits is 32,666, or 0.1% of the adult population. That compares with about 5% licensed to carry nationwide, according to Calguns Foundation chief Gene Hoffman.
What seems clear from these incredible numbers is that all the claims about how good concealed carry is for us are bogus. If they were true, California and especially San Francisco would be home to frequent mass shootings because the bad guys know there's a "target rich environment." Isn't that the silly expression they keep using about gun-free places?
What's your opinion? Is California the leader in gun control policies that work. The Brady Campaign thinks so.
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