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Conair Curl Secret Review

By Ty Watson

I have some good news and some bad news for you ladies. If you have naturally curly hair then rejoice because its back in fashion which means you can pack away your hair straighteners away for a season. However, If you don't fall into this category, fear not because the conair infiniti pro curl secret claims to solve all your problems. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the best deals.

Conair Curl Secret Review

I don't know about you but I like hassle free products that are easy to use so when it comes to styling my hair I am looking for three things. A tool that:

  1. Is easy and quick to use
  2. Keeps the style I create all day
  3. It will last for many years so that I get my money's worth out of it.

This review sets out to see if it fits my criteria.

Model Features

  • Two temperature settings and three clock settings
  • Audio bleep indicator for the various curl modes and a heat ready inicator
  • It has Programmable styling function which allows you to get well-defined curls or free-flowing, natural waves
  • Just over 8ft swivel cord
  • On/off switch with 20 minute auto shut off
  • 3 year guarantee against defects and manufacturing defaults

Conair say that their product is suitable for all hair types. That means fine, thin, thick, Afro-Caribbean, frizzy or even has a natural curl or kink in it. Unfortunately it does not work on very long or very short hair. They suggest that hair should be a minimum of 6" long which is basically touching your shoulders and no longer than chest length. It also does not work on real or synthetic hair extensions either due to the high temperatures it reaches.

How to use the Conair secret curl

To have the best curls, its manual advices that you wash, dry and comb through your hair first properly. I read a few blog posts from women with very thick hair who said they improved their waves by using a straightener first. I use the Super Solano hair dryer which does a really good job.

The infiniti pro conair curl secret automatic curler takes about a minute to heat up when you first turn it on. When it is ready, you grab a section of hair and place it into the mechanism. Unlike standard curling wands, the heated element is encased so it is virtually impossible to burn yourself while using it. The picture below from Betzy's makeup blog will give you a good indication of what the process looks like.

Conair Curl Secret Review

The more hair you put into it the more gentle the curl effect you create. For example if you put in strips of your hair about ¼" in diameter then you create really cool corkscrew type effect. If you are blessed with thicker hair then you should also put less hair in the curler as well. It is surprising how quickly you learn how to create perfect styles once you have used it a few times and figured out the best setting for your hair type.

The curl secret will beep at you if you try to put too much hair into it which I think is a really important safety feature. If that does happen you will need to take your tresses out manually. Some Conair secret curl reviews have said that it can really hurt taking your hair out if you are not careful so it is recommended that you take your time removing your strands and be as gentle as you can.

A small number of left handed users said that they couldn't use the secret curl but other left handers said that they found it easy to use.


How long do the curls last?

A great question and the answer to that is that it depends on your hair type. From all the blog posts, curl secret by Conair reviews and comments I read, users with an average hair type said they were satisfied with how long their curls lasted for. If you have ever used curling tongs then that will give you a rough idea of how long the ringlets will last for. Many people who were initially dissatisfied with the results simply set the Infiniti pro curl secret to its maximum heat setting and put less strands in the tool which seemed to solve the problem.

I would recommend that you use product in your hair to help maintain the curls. A lot of consumers said they would apply mousse to their hair, then dry it and use the curl secret. Others said they used hair spray after curling which also helped.

This video demo and review will give you a good idea of what the deviceis like. To save time start it at about the 1 minute mark.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret Reviews Conclusion

For me, the conair infiniti pro curl secret easily fulfilled my criteria. It is quick and easy to use and the designs it creates can last all day and through the night for those special evenings out. The only downside is the price. This product is more expensive than conventional curling wand but it is also much faster and more efficient than a wand.

They are also well built and should last you for a few years so I see it more as an investment. You can also get them from amazon for a really good price.

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