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  • SoundHound ∞ Music Search v7.3.0 APK

    SoundHound Music Search v7.3.0

    What’s that song? Identify it FAST with SoundHound ! SoundHound ∞’s that song? Identify it FAST with... Read more

    The 13 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Lifeline: Silent Night v1.2 APK

    Lifeline: Silent Night v1.2

    Taylor is back in a suspenseful, new, real-time adventure for Android and Android Wear – Lifeline: Silent Night! Lifeline: Silent... Read more

    The 19 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Cut the Rope: Experiments v1.7.3 APK

    Rope: Experiments v1.7.3

    Cut the ropes, deliver candy to Om Nom, collect stars, and unlock new levels ! Cut the Rope: Experiments follow-up to... Read more

    The 30 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Ghosts of Memories v1.4.1 APK

    Ghosts Memories v1.4.1

    Ghosts of Memories is an adventure puzzle game located in 4 stunningly beautiful worlds! Ghosts of Ghosts of... Read more

    The 02 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Leap of Fate v1.1.5 APK

    Leap Fate v1.1.5

    Leap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelike-rpg Leap of Fatecom.cleverplays.LoFLeap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelike-rpg about... Read more

    The 03 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Human Resource Machine v1.0.0 APK

    Human Resource Machine v1.0.0

    Program little office workers to solve puzzles! Human Resource Machinecom.tomorrowcorporation.humanresourcemachineProgram little office workers to solve puzzles... Read more

    The 05 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Switch UI – Icon Pack v3.2 APK

    Switch Icon Pack v3.2

    Switch UI. Soft corners embellished by the latest material palette! Switch UI – Icon Packcom.launchertheme.kxnt.switchuiSoft corners embellished by the latest... Read more

    The 23 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Sorcery! 3 v1.2 APK

    Sorcery! v1.2

    An epic adventure through a cursed wilderness of monsters, traps and magic. Begin your journey here! Sorcery! 3com.inkle.sorcery3An epic adventure through a... Read more

    The 23 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Machinarium v2.2.2 APK

    Machinarium v2.2.2

    An award winning adventure game set in a world of robots, challenges and puzzles! the award-winning, steam punk... Read more

    The 01 December 2016 by   Gorby31
  • Cold Launcher v4.1 APK

    Cold Launcher v4.1

    Cold Launcher – making Android simple! Cold Launcher [ROOT]net.ohrz.coldlauncherCold Launcher is a simple yet revolutionary launcher which can freeze/defrost... Read more

    The 09 December 2016 by   Gorby31