Complete Guide to LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Tool

Posted on the 15 October 2020 by Shashank Kulshrestha @dbshashank

Very Recently, Linked has launched LinkedIn Lead Gen Form tool for collecting leads through LinkedIn ads. This tool will be helping you in collecting better leads from LinkedIn's professional networks which is itself a high quality network. Before we move further, let me tell you that you can advertise your business on LinkedIn for Free. LinkedIn is offering free $50 ad credits for trying out their platform.

So lets start with the complete guide to this amazing tool for collecting better leads for your business.

What is the Use - LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

LinkedIn Lead Gen Form is a tool made by them under their advertising platform. The motive behind this tool is to generate high quality leads with LinkedIn's Sponsored Content Campaigns. This will remove the barrier or filling form on mobile devices. This tool will solve the problem of low conversion rates on mobile devices.

How LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Works ?

Working behind this tool is really simple but smart. When a user clicks on your sponsored content ad, he will see a form which will be pre-filled with the information which they have filled on their profiles. So, user doesn't need to enter any information. He will just be clicking on your ad and after this just a submit click will submit his/her information to the form and you'll get a lead.

How to Manage LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

As per the information by LinkedIn, their lead gen form are compatible with tools like Zapier and Driftrock. LinkedIn lead gen form can also easily be integrated with your own CRM solution. There are different plans available which can solve your platform integration problems.

How to Setup LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Account ?

Just create an account/login using the link given above (free $50 ad credits). After logging/signup move on to advertise, as shown in the screenshot below :

Now Click on "Create Campaign" and choose "Sponsored Content" to create a new campaign. Now in options, choose "Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Form". As shown in the image below.

Now click on "Create Sponsored Content" or you can also select "Select Existing Content". If you choose to create new content, you'll get in to the form creator.

How to Create Lead Gen Form ?

Click on advertise in your account as you did previously on step 1. Now click on Campaign manager.

After getting into campaign manager, you'll be able to see your existing campaigns or if you are new to it, you'll see create campaign button. You'll also see a button of "Create New form template". See screenshot for reference below.

Now you are on a page as shown in image below. here you have to configure your lead generation form.

Now here you have all the options to configure your form. Just configure of your form here and watch a live preview of it. You can select all of the information which you want user to fill in. There is a limit of 7 fields, 7 fields of data is more than sufficient for almost every sort of business. Linkedin will auto-fill the form with information you selected to ask from user. See below screenshot for information.

After completely configuring your form, make sure to have a preview of it to confirm things.

When you are done with form, click save to successfully save your form.

Now when you have used your form in ad. You can now see advanced analytics. Navigate to tools and then select Lead Gen Forms to have a look at how your forms are performing. See below screenshot for reference.

So, this was all about creating LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads.

Thanks for reading this article, I invite you to lead your feedback, comments, questions in comment box below. I would love to read them and do a conversation with you.

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