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By Joblessandbored @UKunemployed

Bored? Unemployed? Why not do some complaining?! I don’t mean annoy your friends at work by phoning them to moan that you are hungry or complain that you can’t find a job. But contact some companies that you have recently dealt with. Most products have a box somewhere on the back of the packaging saying that they welcome feedback and comments, so I have started giving them!

I contacted Amazon after an order I placed a few months back took over a month to arrive. They refunded my money and for some reason sent the items again?! So I will sell them on Ebay at some point.

I complained to Paddy Power after they wouldn’t accept a valid bet that I tried to place (when I was working and had money) and they gave me a £5 free bet. (Which I generously donated back to them the next day).

I complained to Hewlett Packard about a printer I’d been bought as a birthday present that didn’t come with a USB cable and they gave me a back and forth argument via email. (Ok, not every complaint is successful!)

All things I would normally just forget about but as I am unemployed and have plenty of time on my hands I thought I’d put those ‘Contact us’ details to good use. I am now on the look out for things to complain about! No more letting them go over my head, I’m going to make it known to these companies when I’m not happy, and hopefully they will send me some more free things!!

I’m off now, I have to complain to Hovis about how their bread seems to go stale quicker than other brands…


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