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By Blairbarnes

So I work in a small restaurant in a hotel and our rules and policies
change depending on how the customers react or abuse them and when
management changes them based on the customers WE the simple employees
take the heat! For example where I work guests can apply for member
cards and just for having the cards you get little freebies like a
certain amount of free food a month.

Well a while back this same couple would come every two weeks and
order like 100 scoops of ice cream and take it to-go and because they
didn’t want the tub, but instead wanted each scoop in a to-go box and
it would take us (a small staff of 2 people per shift) almost an hour
or two (while taking care of other customers) because our ice cream is
rock hard. They did this for about 4 months and then had the nerve to
complain to management that we take so long!

Long story short, management did away with to-go orders on those free
food vouchers (people will save them up then order a boat load of food
to-go, oh and not tip either!) and now when I have to tell a customer
”no” when they use their food voucher for to-go’s they get pissed
and blame us for a management decision. *sigh* At least those ice
cream people never came back.

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