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Competition on Lag B'Omer

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It looks like the helicopter has some competition.
With the ban on getting anywhere near Meron this week for Lag B'Omer, in addition to the ban all over the country on any bonfires, some enterprising helicopter guy decided to take people up over Meron during Lag B'Omer so people could at east pray over the Kever Rashbi, if not at. The helicopter dude is planning to take four people at a time, at $1200 each person.
I do wonder how much business this fellow has been able to muster together...initially it looked like an exclusive gig so he pretty much had it all locked down for a good day of work... but now he has some competition.
Israir Airlines has now announced that it will be flying a flight on Tuesday that will circle over Meron giving passengers a chance to pray from overhead while the lockdown is in effect down below. The Israir flight will take up to 50 passengers and cost 590nis per person.
Israir says the flight will be 40 minutes, plus 10 minutes circling over Meron.
source: Ynet
competition on Lag B'Omer
If you go, have a safe flight
I hope with all this air traffic over Meron there won't be any conflicts...
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