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Comparing Gun Control to Prohibition is Silly

Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Mikeb302000
The gun-rights crowd love to say that Prohibition of alcohol didn't work, why do we think gun control will.  They say this in a condescending way, as if everyone is stupid but them. They often compare suggestions for common sense gun control laws to the War on Drugs. People still get heroin and cocaine, don't they? They repeat these things in various ways, over and over again, picking them up from one another, but I wonder if any of them ever stopped to consider what they're really saying and how nonsensical it is.
If we said the solution to gun violence is to make civilian ownership of guns illegal, no exceptions, and to confiscate all the guns out there to have them destroyed, then they would have a valid comparison.  Then they could say, Prohibition failed and so would your attempts to eliminate guns.  Then they could say, the War on Drugs is a dismal failure, so would your attempts to eliminate guns be. That would make sense.
But, we don't say civilian gun ownership should be illegal and they should all be confiscated and destroyed, do we?  
No, what we propose are sensible ways to focus on the major sources of guns used in crime and by the mentally ill. But rather than deal with that, they come up with one false argument after another. First it's things like gun control won't work, Prohibition failed, then it's criminals will always get guns anyway
I believe these bumbling attempts at denying the obvious are evidence that the gun-rights folks are losing the argument. They try to make up for that in numbers and repetition and with these bizarre arguments, but they're losing.
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