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Company Re-Brands From .Com To .XYZ Purchased For $5,700

Posted on the 09 October 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

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A company which re-branded to a .Com in March, from a .Org, has purchased an .XYZ domain name from a domainer and re-branded to an .XYZ domain name.

According to its site, “Engage, is a division of INHS, is one of the largest MEDITECH hosting partners in the United States.

With 20 years of extensive MEDITECH experience, Engage provides a wide range of infrastructure solutions including hardware refresh, virtualization, data migration, data center migration and implementation. Engage leverages strong relationships with BridgeHead Software, IBM, HP, and NetApp to deliver fully tested and certified MEDITECH solutions. As one of MEDITECH’s largest hosting partners, Engage hosts and operates large MEDITECH environments including the integration of the wide range of applications typically found in a hospital environment.”

Engage  was operating on a subdomain at has an original creation date of 1997.

In March of this year the company bought the domain, and re-branded to (price is unknown)

At the end of September the company bought the domain name Engage.XYZ for $5,700 from domain investor Syed Mairaj.

The purchase and rebranding to the .XYZ took place after Google announced its Alphabet holding company domain name was going to be

As you can see from the company’s site on, which is still operational (So is the .org subdomain for that matter) you will see that the contact information they are using is Engage.XYZ

The company’s Facebook  page (ThinkEngage)  also reflects their re-branding to Engage.XYZ as their URL.

I reached out to the company for comment who promised me something was forthcoming but three days later we have not received the comment so publish this post without it.

Congrats to Syed on a nice sale on a domain name he registered for

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