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Communication as an Act of Good Will

By Luphil

Last week Sri Kumar invited me to meet him on his stop-over from the seminar in Miami back to India. So last Sunday I went to Hergiswil at the Lake of Lucerne. There is now the new location of the seat of WTT-Global at the new apartment of a friend. I took the route via a mountain pass to enjoy beautiful views of the Alps. And the apartment was at a location with a fantastic panorama over the lake surrounded by mountains. The house is still a bit under construction – the door bell wasn’t yet working. I luckily had my mobile with me.

Sri Kumar had just arrived from the airport a few hours ago. I asked him if he was tired and he said, it’s ok – the others were sleeping. After some exchanges I showed him my albums with photos of the paintings I had done in the 80ies and recently digitally restored. With great interest he went through all the pictures and took much time for it. I was very happy about it – at a moment 9 years ago he had saved the photos. And now he said that such gifts of light should never be destroyed but given free.

Communication as an Act of Good Will

Looking at the photos

We later turned to administrative questions I wanted to clarify – while the other members of the Executive Board dropped in. It wasn’t planned like this, but it turned out to be a good organisational meeting.

At the end Sri Kumar spoke some inspiring words about relating to each other through communication. I quickly took some notes – they are not literal:

“It is good to stay in a regular contact. It can be a phone call. It should not just be a mental relation, but expressing on the physical plane. When it stays in the mental it can easily become the illusion of a contact.
All we do to the others is done as an offering. Through this a chemistry in the psyche happens, an adjustment. Unless you go through this process there is no transformation. If you escape from it, that chemistry stops.
Our working is semi-physical, semi-etheric. Striving is working beyond what you think you can work. Unless you stretch, you don’t create the fire. Striving is important. Striving, striving, striving. The mind says, I can’t do it. To say I can’t do is refusing transformation. I can do as much as I can do. We have to strive as long as we have breath. To say, it is not possible, is very easy.
Keep contact with each other. It is the easiest thing. If we don’t keep contact, we unconsciously build strong walls around us. Asking, Who should communicate with whom? is ego. To communicate with the others is an act of good will, of expressing love.


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