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Common Wedding Myths That You Shouldn’t Worry About

By Weddingblog2011

Wedding myths can certainly rain on your parade– if you let them. Discover some of the most common wedding myths that are really nothing but fluff.

There are a few common wedding myths that you don’t have to worry about on your big day. Apparently, some of them can actually cause your wedding to be a flop, and others can just take away from what your wedding could be, at its very best. Not to worry, beautiful bride. Believing in these myths is pointless.

Wedding Dresses Don’t Have to be White

One of the most common wedding myths you don’t have to worry about is that you have to wear a white dress. This is especially true if you have your eye on a wedding dress full of color! Today, brides are wearing dresses that are bolder and brighter. In fact, today’s modern bride opens her whole wedding up to a full palate of colors.

Your Guest List

There are many myths centered around the guests on your list. Dismissing these common wedding myths can save you a tremendous amount of money on your overall wedding costs. First, you do not have to invite every family member from both sides of the family. Second, just because you attended someone’s wedding doesn’t mean that you have to invite them to yours. You only have to invite the guests that you want at the wedding.

Of course, there may be family members from both sides of the family that you may not really want to invite, but your parents insist. These guests should be invited, especially if the parents are footing the bill. However, you are not obliged to invite every family member, every friend since the second grade, or every person whose wedding you attended.

Wedding Planners Cost Too Much

Many brides avoid hiring a wedding planner because they are concerned about the overall cost as well as control over the direction of the big day. However, wedding planners are excellent at organizing and are usually more than happy to work within a specified budget. This is another common wedding myth you can easily dismiss.

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