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Common Wedding Guest Faux Pas

By Weddingblog2011

Wedding etiquette has evolved over the years, but some things never change. Here are some common wedding guest faux pas that every wedding guest, bride, and groom should know.

Common wedding guest faux pas have changed over the years, but many of the same mistakes have lingered and are still considered bad etiquette in most cases. Familiarizing yourself with common wedding guest faux pas is not only helpful if you are a guest, but it is also helpful if you are a bride or groom. Recognizing bad wedding etiquette as a bride or groom can help you gauge your reaction and response when it happens to you, and it can save you from an embarrassing situation if you are a guest soon to attend a wedding.

Here are some of the most common wedding guest faux pas:

Failing to RSVP—This is perhaps one of the most obvious requirements when it comes to attending a wedding—to let the couple know you are in fact attending. However, many guests automatically assume they should only RSVP is they cannot attend. You still need to RSVP if you plan to attend. The bride and groom cannot read your mind.

Assuming it’s okay to bring children—The bride and groom will typically indicate a policy or preference on their invite to indicate whether or not you should bring your children. To play it safe, it’s appropriate to assume that children are not invited if the invitations are addressed to “Mr. and Mrs.” If in doubt, contact the couple before you bring your children unannounced.

Deviating from gift requests—While you’re not required to give the couple exactly what they ask for, especially if it’s something you cannot afford or do not have access to, it’s still considered good wedding etiquette to give them a gift that they specifically request if it is at all possible. For example, if they request that you give to a charity or that you gift them with honeymoon credit or gift cards from a certain retailer, don’t send them a bottle of wine or a new blender. Avoid common wedding guest faux pas such as this one the next time you attend a wedding.

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