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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Opening A Restaurant

Posted on the 09 August 2018 by Ironwood Finance @IronwoodFinance

Not recognizing what your customers wantCommon Mistakes to Avoid When Opening A Restaurant

This is probably the worst of the common mistakes to avoid when opening a restaurant; if you focus on what you want more than what your customer wants, you are asking to fail. You cannot run a business successfully if you do not listen to what would make your customers happy. Listening to your customers is only asking for success! They are literally the reason why you are open so keep an ear open or even leave survey cards out for input. Also, make sure you are paying attention to online reviews.

Starting another location too soon

Opening a new location too quickly can be a death calling for your business. If you haven't established that your first business is stable, you are gambling to keep it open if you get distracted by opening a new location. Wait to open a new business until you have solidified the business and operations at the current location. It should be your main focus until you can leave it in the hands of a reliable manager so you can focus on the next lot.

Looking at marketing as an expense instead of an investment

Marketing is GOLD for your business. Any business for that matter; every business should put an emphasis on marketing. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Gotta spend money to make money?" Well, it is very TRUE. It is 101 business knowledge that people need to know you exist to be able to walk in your door. Why not look at marketing as a way to give new customers a golden ticket to walk into your restaurant or bar. Not marketing enough is at the top of the list as one of the common mistakes to avoid when opening a restaurant.

Even before you open the doors to your new business, you should create a Facebook, Instagram, Yelp page, and even a Pinterest for your business. As soon as you have a physical location you should claim it on Google.

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Not delegating task sooner

It may seem doable to handle everything on your own at first; you may prefer to handle everything on your own at first so you know it was done the right way. As your business grows, you need to put trust in others to handle some of the important tasks or else you will get overwhelmed. It is so important that you know these employees are of quality and care about your business as you do. Often poor hiring decisions come out of desperation. Plan ahead so that does not happen. teach them how you want things run and be a reliable boss when issues arise.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Opening A Restaurant

Not celebrating minor successes and only focusing on problems

Getting published in the local magazine, having your first positive revenue month, even getting your first 5-star review is worth celebrating! You may have this big dream of where you want to be in 10 years, but you need to remember that all the great started small too. It takes time to accomplish your goals. There is no reason not to celebrate the small stuff along the way.

Slow to address poor management

It's one thing to start delegating your tasks to lighten your own load but you have to pick the right people. They are literally representing what your business says to your customers.

The path to your own happiness is usually found in service.― Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Good, quality service. If you manage your employees well, they will know how to manage the people they are in charge of well. Teach by example and if you're a good boss, it will shine through with your employees.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Opening A Restaurant Common Mistakes to Avoid When Opening A Restaurant

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