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Commercial Photography | BrewDog Sheffield

By Tuxandtales @TuxandTales

BrewDog Sheffield Opening Night

We had the pleasure last weekend of photographing the opening of Sheffield’s newest (and best) craft beer bar – BrewDog.

The interior of this place is the dog’s bollocks (yes, it had to be said, I am so glad I got it out of my system early). Loads of interior features were created from recycled materials carefully selected to represent Sheffield’s industrial history (recycled scaffolding and industrial lighting just to name a few) and the juxtaposition of so many different textures and colours is freeking gorgeous. The lights are sexy and chairs are even sexier. Seriously, this place is a photographer’s dream.

The staff were awesome (and beardy) and even put up with me cornering them for some portraits as well as enduring me sneaking behind the bar to capture them holding back the maddening crowds.

Okay – enough about me – what about the beer? (I know that is all you really care about).

Well, in addition to beers made from their own craft brewery in Scotland – BrewDog is perveyor of fine craft beers from all over the world.

Next time you are in Sheffield (or Leeds or any other fine city home to a BrewDog) – go have a pint. You may be liberated from shit beer forever.

Brew Dog Sheffield Neon Sign
Brew Dog Sheffield staff portraits
Brew Dog Sheffield Staff portraits
Brew Dog Sheffield staff group photograph
Brew dog sheffield interior photograph of lights and chalk board
Brew Dog Sheffield exteriror staff in motion
Brew Dog Sheffield furnishings interior recycled materials
Brew Dog Sheffield Menu
Brew Dog Sheffiled interior detail
Brew Dog Sheffiled interiror detail
Brew Dog Sheffield Photography_1057
Brew Dog Sheffiled opening night crowd
Brew Dog Sheffiled bartender
Brew Dog Sheffiled commerical photography
Brew Dog Sheffiled Craft Beers Opening Night
Brew Dog Sheffiled opening night crowds
Brew Dog Sheffiled opening night craft beer bar
Brew Dog Sheffiled cheeseboard
Guest served at Brew Dog Sheffiled opening night
Bartender serves drink at Brew Dog Sheffiled
Beer poured from tap at Brewdog Sheffield
Guests enjoying a pint at Brew Dog Sheffiled
Opening Night Speech Brewdog Sheffiled
Manager's opening speech at Brew Dog Sheffield
Patron smiles at Brew Dog Sheffiled
Commerical Photography Sheffiled
Commerical Photography Sheffiled
Opening night crowd at Brew Dog Sheffiled
Night time exterior shot of Brew Dog Sheffiled
Craft Beer Pint Glass at Brew Dog Sheffield

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