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Commercial Break: Are You Likely to Turn Green at the Thought of Pollution?

Posted on the 09 May 2012 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27

Commercial break: Are you likely to turn green at the thought of pollution? Colour is everywhere, red for danger, black for your mood on a Monday morning when the alarm rages into life, blue for the color of the sky on long summer day - the list is endless, but today we are concerned with one hue in particular - Green, specifically green energy.
The media constantly bombards us with horror stories of the damage the modern world is inflicting on the planet, CO2 levels are rising, we are knee deep in our own waste and running out of room to store it.
Recycle, reuse, renewable energy, sort your rubbish, walk don’t drive, go green!  The constant barrage of instruction frankly leaves most people in such a spin the easiest option is to ignore it - or to quote many a teenager - right click and delete.
A massive percentage of the population find themselves feeling more than slightly nauseated by the endless confusing advertising claiming to be able to save your green-soul and put you firmly on track to claiming your eco-warrior halo. Yet many of us also feel rather guilty that we are ignoring an issue that is rather important - a guilt which is made even worse when your primary age darling comes home from school and gives you a list of ten reasons why you personally - you bad bad person - are killing off the environment and making Mother Nature cry.  (Sounds familiar doesn’t it!)
Deep down most of us are aware that pollution has to be everyone’s problem but it doesn’t sit comfortably when so many things we just love to do rely heavily on pollution making machines.  How could we cope without our cars, how miserable are we when the room is cold - the instant relief from central heating makes our ignorance justifiable. There is a TV in every room, laptops, games consoles, instant hot water for showers and baths.  If the modern world makes you angry and the thought of pollution threatens to turn you into the incredible hulk - don’t despair! Green energy is an excellent place to begin if you are feeling pea green at the thought of turning your family eco-friendly.  Renewable energy companies are currently very high profile, solar panels are appearing on roof tops up and down the country, the tall controversial - are they ugly or aren’t they - wind turbines are becoming a normal blot on the landscape just as the giant metal electricity pylons had done before them.  But how do you decide what might be right for you? Home sources of renewable energy do indeed start with solar panels and domestic size wind turbines, but not everyone is aware that generating green energy at home also encompasses heat pumps (unexpectedly using refrigeration to generate heat) hydro power (if you happen to own a water wheel, well who doesn’t?) and a CHP (a micro combined heat and power boiler that generates electricity). Less obvious sources are the new hybrid cars, insulation to lofts and cavity walls (this makes you a little greener because you use less energy), turning the thermostat down and some would argue that wood/coal burning heating is less of an eco sin. To support our best endeavours there are substantial grants available, many renewable energy companies work in partnership with governments but it is worth doing your research to make sure you are getting the best deal. This post is from Good Energy and benefits us both because I was paid to include it and the information is, hopefully, helpful.

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