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Comment Boxes - Use with Caution

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I must admit, I can never resist a comment box. Be it the Daily Mail (my dirty little secret that is brilliant blog fodder), the Huffington Post or the Guardian online, I always have to say something. And I usually end up wondering why I bother.

The other day I commented on an article about jobs, and how Tom Brokaw (a veteran American journalist) thinks it will become the civil rights movement of the 21st century. My point was that it's not a right; people aren't entitled to a job, and really, more people should think about creating jobs for themselves and others.

The first reply attacked me for using the word entitled, since it hadn't appeared in the original article and therefore I had made a leap too far. (To quote - "I didn't see it. Where did you?") Sigh. So I took to my Merriam-Webster and pointed out that "entitled" means "a RIGHT to benefits specified especially by law or contract". You know, a bit like civil rights. 

Up comes the next goon, attacking me thus - "The Civil Rights did NOT entitle covered groups to special treatment...."

Sigh, again.
I said "specified" not "special". 
And the worse thing is when you point out the error, people get all huffy and even nastier.
There should be one of those little boxes that you have to tick/check before you leave a comment, promising that you've read the article or comment to which you are responding, and that you have thought your response through and checked to make sure it actually contains an iota of sense.
I know, I know. But I can dream. 

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