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Commencement Needed for David Boies

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
David Boies should be the poster-child for the NBA now. Who knew that Al Gore's lawyer would be the piece we needed to get a a new CBA agreed upon so we can move forward. His work and leadership was a big part of how this deal all came together and we will have a 2011-2012 NBA season. Is it ideal? No. Is it 82 games? No. But, it's much better than what we were staring at. (Which was a nuclear winter with no NBA basketball.)
Now don't get me wrong... It wasn't just Boies' work... There were some other voices very fluently active in collective bargaining agreement discussions.
Boies could be considered the savior of the NBA. Ironic that he could be mentioned as a savior, after all, the season starts on Christmas. (No intent for sacrilegious content there.)
If you ask me, this years finals parade should be followed by a huge float carrying Boies at the highest peak upon a pedestal waving and looking down at the NBA's adored fans. So kind of like something you'd see at Macy's.
As we waltz into what could be the start of a new era, the NBA is scrambling so they can get this thing in writing as soon as possible, because we do still have quite a ways to go before anything is officially set in stone.
But at least the players know that we still have a few more speed bumps ahead. Like so: click here.
But for now, let's just focus in on the bright side of things: the lockout is over.
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