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Coming Home….

By Pearlmacek

It’s strange coming home after a year away. Especially when so much has happened in that time period. I’ve learn’t a new language, rediscovered my passion for journalism and restored a relationship on the brink of failure.

And then you come home and see how even when the world seems to be constantly changing around you- home mostly stays the same.

This is my first winter. Real winter that is; with snow and 14 hours of darkness a day. Coming back to Nevis, here in the Caribbean, is like sensory overload. Flowers and buildings seem gaudy with their brilliant colors when in fact, they are the norm here. And then there is the heat. A humid, heavy heat that sucks all motivation for activity out of you. And the sun that beats down on my deprived skin which now has no defenses against its power.

This was once home, once the norm but now I feel more of a foreigner than ever before. I long for my dark days and coldness. That is, until it becomes my reality again.

This trip has been an insightful, restorative trip. I was worried about coming back, seeing family but I knew that I had to face it at some point.

Now that I am reaching the end of my trip here I have somewhat mixed feelings of happiness, relief and sadness. I feel that I can now move forward without looking back so much and embrace whatever the future might hold.

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