Business Magazine “Spider-Man Comic Promotes Domain Name Marvel Doesn’t Own”

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

The site just pointed out that a new comic book Superior Spider-Man #6 which is a Marvel publication instruct people to “go to the domain name now.”

However the domain name isn’t owned by Mavel.

The domain name that was first registered just days ago on March 8th to Xodia Group of  Northridge, California which seems to be a brick and mortar store  selling comic related products under the name:  Njoy Games & Comics

We love this quote from the story:

“Marvel Comics is just lucky that a retailer snapped up the domain name, so at least readers are being directed to a comic friendly site. ”

“With a domain name like, there are much worse places that domain could have been directed.”

And they say there aren’t any good .com domains left.



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