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Come Back Next Year! (Five Dancers Who Should Have Made The SYTYCD Top 20)

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

After making some head scratching Top 20 choices (please stop putting people through to the top 20 with no screen time. Poor Jacque.), Nigel and Co. picked their Top 20 dancers last night on So You Think You Can Dance. It’s not the Top 20 I would have picked. I think he definitely threw some stars away. Not only did he choose to throw away what would have been the lone female hip-hop dancer, but he also failed to cast a single black female. I’m pretty certain none of them are even latina. I’m not saying that color specifically should be a factor, but when you refer to “casting” a show, a casting director would have made you cast at least one black or obviously hispanic girl. Just saying. That being said, I think we weren’t shown nearly as many ethnic girls this year that I felt were ready, except Megan (who I listed below).

1) Franchesca Bass- Contemporary

Often times dancers who have been through a significant life struggle dance from a different perspective, and that perspective is mindblowing. Franchesca’s solo was transfixing, and yet she was eliminated halfway through Call Backs. Hopefully she’ll reaudition, and our bald beauty finally makes the Top 20.

2) Jaja Vankova- Hip Hop

Seriously. This girl was robbed. Very few female hip hop dancers have ever made the Top 20, and Jaja deserved this one. She attacked every style, including ballroom, with the same willingness to learn as other hip hop dancers who have received a pass (Cyrus, BluPrint) in the past. This was probably Nigel’s worst decision (even though I love Caleb) because she was so close… and some poor girl named Jacque (who we’ve never seen) made the Top 20 at a disadvantage. It would have been better to make Jacque wait a year, hopefully get some screentime, and then kill Season 12. This was Jaja’s year.

3) Justine Lutz- Contemporary

Her solo was brilliant. When I recapped (which I do at mjsbigblog.com), I noted that she was my favorite of the night. It was because she used her dance to not show off her talent, but to tell a story (while showing off her talent was a secondary thing). I don’t even think we saw when she was cut this year.

4) Megan Marcano- Contemporary

Another dancer who dances and tells a story, and uses emotion as a tactic. Her solo was terrific, and she failed to make the Green Mile this year. I just don’t understand. She also would have been the token ethnic chick in a sea of white female dancers.

5) Caleb Brauner- Contemporary

Sometimes, a dancer is just so incredibly unique that you can’t help but fall in love with them. I love his dancing. His backstory just helped endear him to me more, but it was really his unique dancing and choices that caused Caleb to actually be my favorite contestant this year. I’m actually pissed that he was cut at Hip Hop while actual hip hoppers were given a pass… and they looked worse than Caleb. If Steven and Marie Poppins got to stay, so should have Caleb. If you can’t dance in your own style, get off the stage.

Honorary Mentions: Trevor Bryce- who should not have been cut at hip hop. I liked what I saw, just a little too much face. What they should have done was told him his dancing was fine, and his face was too much, and give him a round to reel it in. Armin Way- An incredible ballroom dancer, but has a little bit of an attitude. I knew they wouldn’t take both Armin and Serge. Hopefully Armin can give it another go (he seems rather old). Johnny Gibson- AKA Johnny Waacks. The fact that he almost made the Top 20 in such a specific style as his speaks volumes about his ability to adapt into other choreography. I’d keep training and give it one more go, and see if you can’t crack the Top 20 next year.

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