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By Astylizedhysteria

Do you know that Kurt Cobain took his own life 17 years ago today? It’s so odd to think that I was only 10 years old when it happened and yet I was already listening to so much Nirvana. I remember my friends and the older kids being horrified at the loss of someone we all related to, or wanted to relate to. To be honest, it still makes me a little sad.

In general, my mind has been thinking 90′s. Going back into your high school bedroom will do that to ya. I’ve been rediscovering the grunge music that helped me achieve ultimate moodiness as a teenager. I’m thinking fondly back on the one pair of JNCO jeans I owned and my Rage Against the Machine t-shirt with the gun-toting nuns on it. I’m remembering my awesome Courtney Love impression (it’s easy, just strum a guitar and scream obscenities as loud as you can). And I’m thinking long dresses and combat boots look pretty damn cool. I’m not the only one- I tweeted a pic of this outfit and got a pretty positive response. Perhaps we’re all a little homesick for the 90′s. Shall I set up a slumber party for everyone? We can watch The Craft and listen to this awesome new band, Garbage.

long floral dress forever21

floral dress forever21 steve madden combat boots

sweater- H&M
dress- Forever21
boots- Steve Madden

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