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Combining Tastes

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
combining tastes
A little while ago, I spoke about our mismatched home - we are definitely not the sort of person to stick with one style or theme, and our flat reflects that. Currently on our bed is this gorgeous cushion* from The White Company, paired with some rather opulent looking eastern style cushions from Spitalfields market; a perfectly suited gift from family. Along with our pink spotted Cath Kidston duvet cover, it really is mismatched! Our mixing of styles is the result of a combination of factors; partly due to the fact we're not people to pick one theme and go with it, we're too indecisive! But also because I have no willpower, love shopping and can't resist buying things I love... even if they don't match anything else we own! Sigh.combining tastescombining tastescombining tastes

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