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.Com Tops 125 Million Domain Registrations

Posted on the 15 February 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

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According to Verisign (VRSN) the registry for .Com, the number of .Com registration crossed the 125 million mark in the Domain Name Base.

The active zone file is just over 124 Million domain names.

The active zone file does not include domain names that are not configured for use, and those in client or server hold status.

At when we report on .Com domain registrations we always use the Domain Name Base figure.

In January 2014 the number of .com registrations stood at 112 Million.

By the end of 2014, the number of .com registrations were 115.6 million names.

On January 1, 2016, Verisign reported, that there were 123,963,640 .com domains registered.

So basically Verisign gained over 1 million domain name registrations in the first 6 weeks of 2016.

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