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Columbus, Ohio Vying for Most Violent City

Posted on the 12 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
The local news reports on the several shootings accross the city.
Two more people were wounded in shootings on Sunday, closing out a violent weekend that saw more than a dozen people shot across the city.
Where do you think all those guns are coming from? Situated between two of the gun-friendliest states in the North, Pennsylvania and Indiana, I suppose anyone in Ohio would find it easy to get guns.
What do you think is the biggest source of guns in the criminal world, theft or straw purchasing? Is there a third possibility, remember we're talking about the point at which the gun passes from the good guys to the bad guys?
Why do the good guys have such a hard time holding on to their guns? And given the fact that they obviously do, isn't it foolish of them to resist proper gun control laws?
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