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Colouring Books for Adults!

By Thinkibility

56812-2A treat for parents and older children who just need to daydream a bit. Colouring in books are a perfect way to transport yourself into doing something that requires so little of your attention that you can at the same time solve all the problems in the world, plan your entire life, and dream.

Time stands still and nothing is more relaxing that filling a page and letting the colours dance.

You can select from all the wonderful colours without having to worry about whether the final result will be good or creative, contain any bright new ideas. It simply does not matter.

Scottish illustrator  Johanna Basford’s exquisite coluring books are having a tremendous success. Currently taking top spots on’s bestseller lists. I love pictures of flora and fauna in Secret Garden.

Colouring Books for Adults!

I love the name as well since it reminds me of the book with the same name. You know that magical story about children who rescue an old neglected garden. I am always looking for that special garden for me to rescue. Just imagine all the hidden treasures. These kinds of thought swirls through my head when I look at this colouring book.


So why not buy a treat for yourself and spend some time in the evening just relaxing and dreaming. . . Therapy for busy parents when it is at its very best. And check out the great postcard book, a perfect gift –  Secret Garden: 20 Postcards

A selection of colouring books that I am tempted to buy for myself!
Colouring Books for Adults!

Colouring Books for Adults!

Colouring Books for Adults!

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