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Coloud Headphones

Posted on the 10 December 2013 by Manofmany @manofmanytastes

Coloud HeadphonesColoud Headphones

Maybe it’s just me, but with MP3s getting smaller, the trend in headphones design seems to be heading a somewhat opposite direction. But there’s no doubt that in terms of the sound quality larger can mean a much better audio experience. And if that’s what you’re looking for, The Boom – Coloud Headphones may be your best bet. Offering closed construction for blocking the outside noise, The Boom comes with a sturdy frame designed to follow angles of the human head. Its cable is flat and features a patent-pending Zound Lasso for easy wrapping the cable which can be secured with the pliable angled plug. Offered in a variety of tacky colors, The Boom – Coloud Headphones is priced at just €25.

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