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By Astylizedhysteria

I wasn’t planning to step away from my computer for so long, but the past week or so has been spent with those, um, what are they called?  Oh yeah, flesh and blood human beings. I spent Thursday and Friday on the cape, eating clam chowder, lobster rolls, oysters, and swordfish. And cake. Now it’s Monday and I’m back to reality (and the gym after all that cake). However, the good times ended early on Sunday when Calliope finally connected with her huntress heritage. She caught a bird (a really big freaking bird) and brought it into the house to show off to me. Said bird was not dead, and really not even wounded, and flew around the house for a few minutes while Calliope tried valiantly to catch it again and I stood there screaming “Calliope, don’t eat the bird! Stop!” Eventually the bird made its way out and I calmed down. But that was the first time she’s caught anything. I was kind of proud but mostly terrified out of my skull.


This outfit is from earlier last week. I haven’t worn anything remotely exciting recently, unless you count a chunk of lobster that fell on my shirt. I decided to wear some simple pieces, then throw on as much brightly colored jewelry as I could stand. Oh, the looks I got! People must have thought I’m colorblind, but I loved looking in the mirror and seeing a rainbow of colors.


anthropologie ruffled cardigan

bell bottom jeans

cardigan- Anthropologie
jeans- Gap
necklace- Charlotte Russe
earrings- Forever21
bracelets- various


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