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Color Your Mood – Gorgeous Green

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry
This post is part of our “Color Your Mood” Series. You can find information on other colors here:
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Getting back to nature is no problem when Green is around!
Here’s what you should know about this relaxed shade.
The Good:
It’s no secret that green is one of the most prevalent colors in nature, so it’s a good thing it inspires harmony and balance! We tend to naturally associate the color green with growth, or turning over a new leaf. Since this color is extremely prevalent in our world, we are reassured by the presence of it and it can even help to reduce stress. This means that having something green in our lives all the time is probably something that we should aim for!

The Bad:
Certain shades of green can come across as drab or bland. Likewise, using a lot of green can lead to feelings of being stagnant. And, I don’t know anyone who wants that! Since this hue is relaxing and restful, consistent and repeated use of the color green can lead to feelings of too much familiarity and even boredom.

The How To:
New Job? Talk about stressful! Aim for feeling reassured throughout the day by donning a pair of green pants and a black top that you can pair with some stunning green accessories! Slipping on a ring or bracelet with this hue means that the soothing color will be in your field of vision for the entire day. Bonus: 2013′s color of the year is Emerald! This gorgeous green tone is perfect to effortlessly incorporate into your wardrobe and jewelry collection.

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