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Color Your Mood – Blissful Blue

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry
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There’s nothing better than the comfort of a well worn pair of blue jeans!
But, what do you need to know about this soothing color?
The Good:
For many of us, blue is the color we turn to when we are looking for a little comforting or peace. It’s said that the presence of this tranquil color can help us to feel more relaxed, and even help to provide creative stimulation. As a bonus, since there are very few blue foods found in nature, blue can even act as an appetite suppressant. Which makes it the perfect color to don if you’re trying to shed those last few pesky pounds!

The Bad:
Ice, Ice, Baby! Too much blue can lead to feelings of frigidity, or a lack of emotion. Also, if you’re already feeling a little “blue” you might want to steer your outfit choices toward warmer colors as this particular hue can lend itself subconsciously to deepening those feelings.

The How To:
For most of us, a classic pair of blue jeans can be worn as a neutral base with anything. Just make sure that the tone of your jeans is not the same as the blue top you choose to pair them with. The goal is to create enough change in hue that your silhouette can be broken up gracefully. Delicate blue accessories are perfect for a relaxing day off when paired with a complimentary yellow frock. And, a classic pair of pumps with a shock of neon blue can add a lively touch to your favorite LBD, especially when paired with a matching pair of electric blue earrings!

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