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Collaborative Printmaking

By Ianbertram @IanBertram

Print Universe is a "social network where the worldwide fine-art-printmaking community can show and tell, share and discuss." In one discussion thread the idea came up of printmakers collaborating by sharing plates. Print exchanges are of course quite common. There also seems to be an established pattern of exchanging sketchbooks.

I tend to make my collagraphs as monoprints, although I make several prints from the same plate. The idea of sharing that plate and some prints from it with another artist for them to develop in their own way would be an interesting extension of that process.The two pictures below are examples of such a collaboration - in this case effectively with myself. The first one for example uses two plates on the same theme, the second is made from only one of them.

Another example of how this might work would be the mixed media pieces I posted about in an earlier post.

Collaborative printmaking

Dales Memories

Anyone interested in such a collaboration, please get in touch.

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