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Collaboration 2.0 by 3-year-olds

Posted on the 28 November 2012 by Jlipnack @jlipnack

Confused about collaboration and what it really means? Lake and Finn help here, leaving us with a bit of a cliffhanger. Perhaps they'll be back to finish the story.


Transcript in case you are not familiar with "WordGirl" from the Planet Lexicon, who introduces words like these.

Me: First say collaborate.

Finn: Collaborate.

Mom: Can you guys explain what that means?

Lake: Collaborate means work together with two people.

Finn: Yes.

Mom: Who likes to collaborate?

Lake: Dr Twobrains and Granny May and Chuck and Toby. Likes to collaborate.

Mom: Cool.

Ethan: What do you have to say, Finny?

Finn: And there's two monsters, two monsters in WordGirl, yes.

Ethan: Do they collaborate?

Finn: Yes. Mom: Who are the two monsters?

Finn: The energy monster and that green monster.

Mom: Oh.

Me: Are they collaborating too?

Finn: Yes.

Me: What are the collaborating on?

Finn: On a mission.

Lake: What kind of mission?

Finn: A mission that stops WordGirl.

Me: A mission that stops WordGirl.

Ethan: Exciting.

Mom: And then what does WordGirl do?

Finn: She goes, she pretends that she's in jail.

Mom: And then what happens?

Finn: It's over.

Mom: Oh. She doesn't get out of jail?

Finn: She does get out of jail. She finds a way to get out of jail.

Mom: Cool.

Lake: ???

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